Students, Colleges and Schools

The service will typically involve a full diagnostic assessment set out in a detailed report, which can be tailored to meet institutional needs. The report will include recommendations for further action — recommendations drawn from my extensive knowledge of local education, and personal contacts with practitioners in related specialist areas such as occupational and speech & language therapies.

Strict confidentiality is, of course, assured.

examsI Can Provide…

    Assessment of Eligibility for:

  • Disabled Students’ Allowance;
  • Extra Time in Examinations.

Psychological Assessment of Students:

  • with special educational needs or specific learning difficulties;
  • with learning, behavioural or emotional difficulties.

Psychological Advice to Students:

  • on learning and emotional difficulties;
  • on problem-solving;
  • on educational planning, etc.

Psychological Advice to Teachers:

  • on students’ abilities;
  • on students’ learning adjustment;
  • on management of students’ behaviour;
  • on monitoring and reviewing students’ progress.
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