Early Years

Early Years: Children, Schools and Nurseries

The service will typically involve a full diagnostic assessment set out in a detailed report, which can be tailored to meet institutional needs. The report will include recommendations for further action; these will drawn upon my extensive knowledge of local education, including my personal contacts with practitioners in related specialist areas such as occupational and speech & language therapies.

Strict confidentiality is, of course, assured.

Services for Children, Schools and NurseriesI Can Help With…

Problems with Learning in School and Early Years:

  • Delay in developing basic literacy or number skills;
  • Slow processing of visual information;
  • Low retention of information;
  • Inability to concentrate or remain on task;
  • More general or hard-to-pinpoint difficulties with learning.

Problems with Performance in School and Early Years:

  • Inability to manage workloard;
  • Inability to follow or keep up with what’s going on in class;
  • Underperformance in examinations and written tests;
  • Generally unsatisfactory work or progress.

Behavioural Difficulties at Home, School and Nursery:

  • Disruptive, defiant and generally hard-to-manage behaviour, including temper tantrums;
  • Inappropriate behaviour;
  • Fidgeting and distractedness.

Social and Emotional Difficulties:

  • Delay in developing social skills;
  • Sense of isolation and loneliness, difficulty with making friends at school;
  • Shyness;
  • Difficulties with communication.

I Can Provide…

Psychological Assessment of Children:

  • with special educational needs or specific learning difficulties;
  • with learning, behavioural or emotional difficulties;
  • with special examination requirements.

Psychological Advice to Children:

  • on problem-solving;
  • on planning work and carrying out tasks
  • on keeping on top of school workload.

Psychological Advice to Parents:

  • on learning and emotional difficulties;
  • on their child’s learning profile;
  • on making the most of a child’s strengths and addressing weaknesses;
  • on managing children’s behaviour and ways of improving behaviour at school;
  • on ways to promote children’s learning;
  • on monitoring and reviewing children’s progress.

Expert Witness Services:

  • for Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal hearings.
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