About Me

I am a consultant child and educational psychologist with more than 25 years’ experience.

I have worked in private practice since 2001, but not exclusively so: I have continued to work for local authorities throughout this time, usually on a locum basis. I have thus been able to keep up with all aspects of current practice in both primary and secondary education. I also work extensively with universities.

The British Psychological SocietyMy educational qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degrees in child development and educational psychology. I also hold a postgraduate certificate in education, and worked as a teacher before becoming a psychologist.

I am registered with the Health Professions Council and accredited by the British Psychological Society.

Where I Am

I have firm bases in London and Yorkshire, and can claim considerable experience of private and local authority practice in both areas. I also have experience of working in other parts of England and Ireland, and sometimes take on work outside my two core areas.

Why Use My Services?

Learners of all ages sometimes need specific, targeted advice to make the most of their learning potential. Educational psychologists, uniquely equipped by training and experience to find ways to overcome barriers to success in education, are the people to provide that advice.

My experience and training have enabled me to develop a solid understanding of the factors that affect child development: emotional health, cognitive functioning and personality, social dynamics, school and home culture. I am thus able to provide effective help in understanding and addressing a wide range of behavioural, developmental and learning difficulties.

I offer a full range of psychology services – assessment, advice, consultation and intervention – where there is concern about an individual student’s learning, behaviour or development, or where there are special educational needs to be met.

For a full, but not exhaustive, list of the types of problems with which I can help click here for the early years and school, or here for adult learning (including undergraduate and postgraduate).

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